Show No Mercy in Poker

Show No Mercy in Poker. One of the most important factors in becoming a successful online poker player at is being ruthless with your opponents. It may sound easy, but for one reason or another, people tend to make bad moves and play too low because of their compassion.

What is Poker?

First, you must understand what poker is. Poker is about gaining chips, and chips are usually money; the more chips you win, the better you will do. Again, this may sound stupid, but it’s good to remember your goal of not being distracted by things like getting more chips than someone you do not like or good competition.


Let’s say that in this way, if you play online poker against your grandmother, your goal is to take all your money for yourself; if you do not feel comfortable doing it without gambling against your grandmother. Maybe your grandmother does not play online poker, but the main idea is that it does not matter if you like the player or if he’s your friend, take all the chips from theirpile and add them to yours.

Sometimes, you feel sorry for a player who loses a lot of money and still plays like a fish, who can make you play with a kind of pity, and will earn less money than he can. Earning less money than what youcould earn is like losing money. If you show mercy, you lose money; it’s that simple.

Why online poker instead of classic poker?

One of the advantages that you have when you play online poker instead of classic poker is that you do not see your opponent’s face. You do not have to show mercy when you play poker, and if you wish, you can give some of your winnings to charities if that relieves you.

Some actions are mild examples of a pot that nuts and the other player has invested a lot of money, consider a $50 pot, if you still have $50, bet everything on the river. Even if you know that the other player will be stopped for this action, do not bet $30 if you think you will pay $50. If you did not win this $20, it is as if you lost them.


Other lenient actions include “giving” chips to players who are almost out of a tournament. You know you lost your hand because you were drawing that on the river; the other player is doing everything possible with his little battery. You know you’re going to lose, but you call because you want to see your cards and you think it’s not a problem for you to give some chips to a player who has almost fallen. This player can be the final winner of the tournament for such a compassionate action.